Il Prime Model 1

Keeping the Ride Smooth

Equipped with a collision avoidance system, it uses sensors and cameras to detect potential obstacles and alert the driver, ensuring a safer driving experience.

Additionally, the Model 1 is equipped with lane departure warning, which alerts the driver if they unintentionally drift out of their lane, preventing potential accidents.

Luxury on Wheels

With its plush leather seats and ergonomic design, every ride is a luxurious experience.

The Model 1 also features a dual-zone climate control system, allowing both the driver and passengers to set their preferred temperature for optimal comfort.

Furthermore, the car offers a spacious interior, ensuring ample legroom and headspace for all occupants.

Drive to your own Beat

Enjoy your podcast or soundtrack as if you were in the front-row seat. The Model 1 is equipped with an integrated sound system by Devialet.

With powerful speakers and external sound cancellation technology, this hatchback provides a premium audio experience.

Additionally, the Model 1’s driving system comes integrated with Google Maps and Waze ensures seamless navigation, making every journey convenient and hassle-free.